Hi I'm Malcolm! đź‘‹

I am a full stack web developer. I made this thisusing Next.js, React, and MaterialUI. You can still see my old portfolio site which is built with Flask and Python.

This site Is still Under Development so Please be patient

I'm subscribed to the JamStack philosophy of separating back-end conserns from the front-end, so content on this site is implemented with Strapi Headless CMS. User storage is handled with PostgreSQL using Prisma


Languages/Scripting: JavaScript, Python, Solidity, Bash, SQL Front-end Frameworks/Libraries: React, Redux, TailwindCSS, Three.js, Framer Motion, MaterialUI, DaisyUi, Shopify .Liquid Back-end/Frameworks: Node, Next.js, Flask, Express.js, Astro.js OS and Source Control: Windows, Linux, Git, GitHub Deployment: AWS (EC2), Google(Compute), Docker, Railway, Vercel, Netlify Markup: HTML5, CSS, Markdown Databases: PostgreSql SEO: Best Practices, Keyword Research, Link Building, Content Design Other Libraries: Axios, Selenium, Sequelize, Prisma Dabbled With: Mokoto, React Native, ScikitLearn, Pandas, MongoDb, Firebase Architectural Approaches: JamStack, SPA, MPA, MVC


I am a Full Stack Programmer, Maintenance Technician, Commercial Driver, and Dreamer.

In my journey through the web, I have honed my programming skills with numerous projects including independent work which has generated revenue. The projects include full-stack web buildouts, scrapers, automated posters, API integrations, database design, and more.


I initially delved into programming in C and Assembly 12 years ago while pursuing my Electrical Associates in the United States Air Force.

Several years after my service, I seized the opportunity to work as an SEO specialist for a fulfilling 3-year stint. During this time, my boss and I successfully scaled the company we contracted with to over 800,000 Google organic users per year. Concurrently, I established a Shopify smoke shop that peaked at 9,000 monthly organic users from Google Search.

However, the fun couldn't last forever. In the summer of 2022, my boss's contract ended, leaving me unemployed. While my Shopify site,, experienced a decline in traffic due to neglect and shipping issues, I managed to sustain myself frugally with the revenue it generated during my unemployment.

My Programming Bootcamp

In January, I embarked on a programming bootcamp at FullStack Academy, funded by my Veteran educational benefits. I successfully completed the 5-month-long programming immersive in May 2023, covering JavaScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, React, Redux, and Express—the PERN stack.

Throughout the bootcamp, I gained invaluable experience in group programming, utilizing collaboration on GitHub with an Agile methodology to develop FlixQuest , my final project in a team of 4. (You can read more about FlixQuest and other projects I've Made in my Projects section).

Programming Post BootCamp

Post-graduation, I continued my independent learning journey, deepening my understanding of creating and reading RESTful APIs, versioning control, authentication, database administration, deployment, and all aspects of application development.

Some of the tooling I use frequently include:

  • Next.js, which has been my web framework of choice but I'm also quite proficient at Python Flask.

  • For Authentication I have been using Next Auth for Authentication.

  • For my Front End I have beeing using React + Tailwind + MaterialUI

  • In my bootcamp I learned Sequilize ORM, but most recently I have been using Prisma - I found the documentation around Prisma and Next.js integrations to be much better.

  • I've increased my knowledge in Shopify Theme Development (for my ecommerce store)

  • Spent a few months doing Data Science with Python

  • I learned Solidity and I have a smart contract game MVP at http://profile.malcmind/Crypto/GuessTheNumber that I launched on Ethereum blockchain with a React Front-end (front-end could still use some work)

What Value Do I Bring?

If you are seeking a software developer capable of troubleshooting complex issues on the fly, I'm your developer. Next.js is my go-to, but I'm also adept at troubleshooting Shopify Liquid theme issues, Python/Flask, or APIs in general.

CSS Styling and Front-End

If you think this site looks nice I can bring interactivity to your application in any language using React, MaterialUI, TailwindCSS, and various libraries.


My projects involve intricate integrations with third-party APIs to introduce new capabilities to static sites. I've performed integrations with Google API, OpenAI, and others. Additionally, I have experience with self-deployed applications using Docker Containers, Amazon EC2, Google Compute, Vercel, and more, making me suitable for cloud solutions architecture.


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Current Projects and Roadmap

I am actively seeking employment as a software developer and will be leaving my daily part-time job in December while continuing to work part-time as a commercial truck driver (it pays the bills). Meanwhile, I'm still coding by day. Here are things I'm working on:

  • I find value in being able to write secure code, so I recently been devoting a large amount of time to pen testing and I'm currently working on a cyber security certificate from Google.

  • I'm working on Stripe Integrations for services I would like to provide for my Malcmind online brand. I'm thinking about an expansive programming blog of insights I gained - with maybe some 1 on 1 programming tutoring on the side. I would also like to blog about SEO and Web development and offer up those services as well.

  • My site is big enough where changes in the code base might inadvertently break other areas of the site... I would like to add spec test to my sight using mocha, chai, playwright or others to my workflow

  • I have a healthy passion for blockchain programming and would probably like to develop more smart contract games - maybe learn phasor or Unity and make a crypto shooter game. I'm thinking a game where you can PVP and win blockchain tokens in matches paid out by a smart contract escrow.

  • I have a smoke site that recently suffered in rankings due to neglect (it peaked at 9k organic traffic, and is now probably at 2k) I would like to use my SEO skill to get my internet traffic back up for the site, and my programming skills to add more features. I would also possibly like to launch more ecommerce stores (I'm thinking auto parts, or a thrift store, an electronics part store - I have many Ideas here! ). I could also hone in on my Shopify skills and offer them as a service, or make my own Shopify apps (I been wanting to make a Shopify app integration for content backups, and CSS styling - but that's another story!)

  • Last year I spent a decent month exposing myself to machine learning libraries on Python - ScikitLearn, Pandas, etc and would like to build out my own stock/crypto prediction software that I will brand under MalcMind [EDIT this has now been Built]. It will be a fun project and I would be able to solidify my machine learning skills. I would also like to participate in Kaggle Datascience competitions.

Eventually I would like to go low-level again, I'm talking machine code and integrated circuits - maybe finish my Electrical Engineering degree.

I am a huge SciFi Nerd, and I would hope that us as humans could one day call the stars - home. It would be a dream of mine to get back into physics and tie software development, electronics engineering, and passion into awesome inventions that propel humanity.

Last but not Least

I am a Proud Veteran of the U.S. Airforce. I served 7 years from 2007-2014 as a rocket technician.

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