Crypto Games and Predictions

This Section will contain Smart Contracts That I designed with Solidity. So far I have one guess the numbers game. This Section also Contains a Crypto Prediction Section for figuring out when you should Invest in Ethereum :)


This is a crypto gambling game built on the Ethereum blockchain. You must connect to your Ethereum Wallet and purchase a game token. Guess the winning number (1-10). You will win the current jackpot if you guess correctly. If an incorrect guess is made the house will keep 1/10th of the winnings and the rest will go to the jackpot. This game is in beta only playable on optimism. You will neeed Optimism ETH to play. The easiest way to get Optimism ETH, would be to buy normal ETH on Coinbase... and then use the coinbase wallet bridge to convert ETH into Optimism ETH

Please do not try to connect with any other network except for Optimism or you will lose funds.

Current JackPot: $1000 (disconnected)

Winning Number: N/A

You Guessed: N/A

Remaining Game Credits: this field will populate once you play a game

Connect Your Wallet To see The Jackpot!